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Just like the predecessor, this forum is missing a "go to unread" feature for each thread. This forum clearly keeps track of unread content though, the topics are bold and inside there's a blue line.

Apparently there's several plugins for this. Please consider installing one. I mean a button next to each topic, not a separate "unread content" page.

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Administrator · Posted
2 minutes ago, erac said:

I think I'll try some usercss. The fa-star and fa-circle classes are in the source at least, even if there's nothing in the element itself.


Is it possible you've hidden some generic classes or something for another site and it's transferred over here? Are you on any other forums that use Invision Power Boards? Or perhaps you have some custom stuff on your adblocker if you're using one? 

Try opening the site on another browser or in incognito mode and see if that makes a difference. I'm happy to help if you need it.

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This is the only Invision site I've used. With the following usercss I have nice blue boxes to click:

i.fa-circle, i.fa-star {
        min-width: 10px;
        min-height: 8px;
        background-color: lightblue;

Not sure how the circles and stars are drawn, but not going to spend time looking now. Thanks for pointing out the feature was there.

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