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NES Video Game Organizer


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I have an NES video game organizer from Dynasound Organizer. From what I searched on the internet, the gray box comes up as Hartzell. When I searched Dynasound Organizer, it shows the black box. The NES videogame organizer is missing the plastic top cover. Who made this videogame organizer Dynasound or Hartzell? 


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There's various models here, not exclusive to black/grey. Hartzell only has an unlicensed version, which I believe predates the Dynasound branding. Dynasound branding exists in both unlicensed and licensed form and other variants. Off the top of my head, the licensed aspect affects whether the bottom of the holder has a Nintendo sticker or a Video Game Organizer sticker. Then there are also opaque vs. "new improved" solid black top design changes, but the update only involved an added sticker to the box. There's also an updated version with SNES compatibility, which is a bit harder to find. Hope that helps a bit. 

The unlicensed ones (like yours) are harder to find than the licensed ones from my experience. 

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