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FS: Booklets, Game Boys and a Bag


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I've got a few odds and ends for sale. A few NES & SNES booklets, some Game Boys (Advance and Pocket) and a Game Boy Bag. They've been hanging around for years and need a good (new) home. No reasonable offers will be denied. If you would like more detailed descriptions and photos just ask. Shipping to US only. 

NES Booklets:

Bases Loaded - Good condition with very light wear. 

Casino Kid - Poor condition. Cover no longer stapled to inner pages and some light writing inside. SOLD

Donkey Kong Jr. - Ok condition with some slight tears, wear and creases. 

Excitebike - Decent condition slight wear and creasing.  SOLD

Fast Break - Good condition with very light wear. 

Freedom Force - Wear around the edges and creases on back. SOLD

Jaws - Poor condition. Slight wrinkles and general wear, but back cover is in bad shape. Somehow they tore the print off some of it without tearing the page. 

Little Mermaid - Poor condition with wrinkles and creases throughout. Front cover re-stapled to inner pagesSOLD

Little Nemo Dream Master - Decent condition with a crease on the back and slight wave. 

Rescue The Embassy Mission - Great condition with very light wear. 

Snakes Revenge - Ok condition. Wrinkles throughout and writing on inner back cover. SOLD

Tag Team Wrestling - Ok condition. Wrinkling on front and back. 

TMNT 2 The Arcade Game - Ok condition. Small tear on front, with light wrinkling on front and back. Free personal pan pizza coupon still there though 🙂 


SNES Booklets:

Brunswick World Tournament of Champions - Good condition with slight wear and crease on back. 

Earthworm Jim 2 - Decent condition with minor to heavy wrinkling. 

Frogger - Good condition with slight wear. 


Game Boy Pocket: SOLD

I don't have a game to test this thing with, but when I put batteries in and turn it on I can hear the speakers chip. Screen looks good. Sticker on the back is a bit beat up.


Game Boy Advance:

Same issue as Game Boy Pocket. No game to test, but speakers chip when turned on. Battery cover is broken and won't stay on though. Screen looks fine.


Game Boy Bag:

Looks great. No rips, tears or smells.


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