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Naked Warrior's Trade Thread - Over 1000 Games Available

Naked Warrior

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This is a FO Thread now...Anything I have pictures of, I'm actively trying to sell (there will typically only be a few of these).  Paypal prices are not negotiable, but trade value prices could go lower depending on what trade items you have to offer.  Everything else in the spreadsheet I will field offers, but my Paypal prices will probably not be competitive with eBay - you should buy the item there - If you are looking for cheap games (10-30% below pricecharting), then offer me a trade for something on my list (there are over 1000 games!)


GBA Metroid NES Classics - Factory Sealed H-seam (light creasing on one side)  Cost: $220 + Shipping (Paypal) or $140 (in trade value - Please check out my want list!) https://imgur.com/a/WYeOxNp

GBA Dr. Mario/Puzzle League - Factory Sealed H-seam (no discernable flaws) $75 + Shipping (Paypal) or $35 (in trade value - Please check out my want list!) https://imgur.com/a/KeHlmjo




My available entries look like this:

CART? MAN.? BOX? System Game Notes
1     DS Advance Wars Dual Strike No sticker, just blank cart, works
  8 7 DS Big Brain Academy  
10 10 10 DS Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Factory Sealed

The numbers indicate the condition of that item - So in this example, I have a cart only (the manual & box columns are blank) Advance Wars Dual Strike that is in poor (1 out of 10) condition (and as you can see, my notes say it is because it is missing the label).  I have a case and manual (the cart column is blank) for Big Brain Academy that are in great used condition (7 & 8 out of 10 respectively) and a Sealed NIB Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow that is in perfect condition (although it may have stickers/security tags that I have not figured into my condition ratings). Please read the tab "Condition Definitions" to see what each number indicates.  I would say if you only want the mintiest of the minty (and are willing to pay for it), you don't want to go below 8.  If you like a nice used copy (at a reasonable price), 5,6,7 are all solid choices.  4 is still pretty good, but really starting to show some wear...3 & 2 have some major issues (but might be cheap?) and things with a 1 are usually pretty bad (and are probably dirt cheap).

You can navigate the tabs at the bottom to see my wants.  I also have a tab for my top wants (some with bounties), a tab for my high end (usually $500+) items available for trade, and a tab for systems/accessories (both available and wanted).  You can also create filters to help sort thru all the items - I plan on adding things at least monthly (highly likely that it is more often than that), so feel free to sort by the "Date Added" column to see the newest stuff.

Final points -
I am not usually willing to break up CIBs to sell manuals or boxes or IBs separately. 
Any wants that I have that were initially sold in cardboard boxes, I would be happy to trade for IBs instead of full CIBs.
I have other games I'm willing to trade (not in my list) for my top wants - if there is something you are specifically looking for, please ask...I especially have a lot of GBA, N64, and Gamecube CIBs.


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9 minutes ago, a3quit4s said:

How bad is the pocky and rocky 2 that it's listed as a 1?

Thanks for the question @a3quit4s! The label is heavily sun faded - If I remember correctly, it is just a hue of blue 😞 .  I think the back label is torn as well.  I can tell you that the price will be significantly lower than the current price charting value of $560.  Also, I actually have another super secret copy that is in much better shape that hasn't made the list yet...but it is probably trade only at this point...Like I said - If you are looking for something specific, please ask!

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@Matthewnimmo - Just a little joke my friend - Pointing out the absurdity of the high end of the market 😏.  Are you interested?  You could probably talk me into six-figure range...

barack obama laughing GIF by Obama

Mostly looking to sell those sealed GBA games - I'm surprised nobody has jumped/inquired on the $120 Metroid...I have a dozen or so of them...I've put two or three in worse condition up on Mercari for $200 and they get 25-30 watchers within a few days, then sell from $160-$190.

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Added a bunch of stuff (100+ items) today, but to be honest it is mostly junk...lots of disc-only and disc/case PS3/X360 stuff and some loose GB/GBA/DS/VITA/NES carts...not usually the stuff I traffic in, but I got most of it for less than $2-3, so feel free to make some low-ball offers!  Basically, if you can beat the trade-in values from this site for non-CIB stuff (with some exceptions, of course), it is likely I will accept your offer. Thanks!


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I finally have my gameroom back in order after some serious flooding and remediation, and I'm opening this trade thread back up.  Unfortunately, I am going to be much less likely to sell games for cash, but I have hundreds of games I'm looking to acquire, so trades should be pretty easy to come by.

For my grand re-opening, I have added a metric shit-ton of games to the available for trade list.  Gamecube, Cart-only (well, Cart+case) Genesis, and boxed SNES got a huge bump since my last update in September.  And, of course, I still have pretty much anything/everything you are looking for re: GBA.

PM me!

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It has been a while since I bumped this trade thread! I have added some cart-only SNES/NES/GEN as I've been swapping out my cart-only copies for CIBs...and I've been getting a lot of sealed Switch games (mostly CEs) if that is your thing...Still lots of stuff in here if you are willing to trade me things from my want lists!!

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