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NES SHMUP Release Guide

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Homebrew Team · Posted

Came across this database today.  Organized by Vertical, Horizontal, Mixed Modes and then by NES licensed, unlicensed, Famicom, and Disk System.   Also has rom hacks and homebrews.  

May be old news to some, but it was a great find for me.

NES Artifacts Blog:



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23 hours ago, ookii_risu said:

Oh lord... good luck with that 😮

Oh man. The 2017 weekly contest for Star Force was crazy. That game is hell! I like its simplicity and brutal challenge. The enemy formations are fun and the gun is satisfying. Even though there is an automatic fire powerup, I remember I avoided it because you can actually fire quicker manually with your thumb instead of a fixed rate. Very useful when enemies or objects are pixels in front of your ship.


Thanks for the list! I'd like to see these for other systems as well.

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8 minutes ago, guitarzombie said:

Im surprised they dont have a section where there's one level or element of the game that has shmup elements like Vice Project Doom and Dragon Fighters last level.

They do, the Shmup* Elements section. They just left off those two.




*Lord I hate that word. 😞

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that star force competition crushed me. I got better and better at it but @Gloves and @BeaIank destroyed any hopes, dreams or thoughts that I might get good at that game. 
some of those enemy wave patterns I just couldn’t figure out.

Contrary to your technique I would pick up the auto fire but still fire semi auto (tapping the a+b buttons rather than hold one down). 

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