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I am completely obsessed with classic video game randomizers at the moment. You? Is anyone else here as intrigued by these?

Final Fantasy VI Worlds Collide is my current addiction. Playing or watching seeds. This FF6WC thing breathes so much life into this game, and completely subverts expectations.

It's the kind of thing I'd love to have physical cards for. Like fave pro tournament run, etc.?

What do you think? Am I alone in this unhealthy obsession? Just curious on people's opinions about randomizers and/or randomizer carts! 

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13 hours ago, WhyNotZoidberg said:

My favorite randomizer to watch is Zelda II. I have yet to actually play but I will definitely give it a go once I'm setup for it. What really drew me in was the fact that the entire overworld is re-arranged, and not just items/monster locations. 

Yeah that sounds quite cool! 

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Super Metroid randos are the only ones I've had experience with, but I love them. I'm the type of person who (after beating it normally) likes to play through games as fast as possible. So getting certain item combinations in a rando early and just speeding through Zebes is a wonderful exhilarating feeling. 

I've been using Varia Randomizer to produce mine, but there are other options available (at least 1). There also a section of Varia that can customize the sprite set for Samus for different colors and even different characters (Luigi, Alucard, Sprite Soda Can, Captain Novolin) without actually making it a rando (now you can play regular Super Metroid as a Windows Mouse Cursor). 

As for Randomized Cartridges, unless it's a flash cart or has a built in feature to randomize the game when you want, that doesn't seem like wise idea (you'd be stuck with the same run every time).

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