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FS/FO: NES Nintendo, SNES, N64, GameBoy Advance Games Nintendo Power for Sale


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I got some NES Nintendo, N64, and Gameboy games for sale. Great chance to fill in your NES collection gaps. Message me if interested in buying. Shipping will be determined on how many games you want and where you live. I would like to ship within the United States.  I can ship outside the United States but keep in mind the price for international shipping is expensive now.

*I am selling only. I am not trading. I am opened to reasonable offers.
*If you want to see pictures of any games please reply with what games you want to see and I will reply with a picture or two..
*Please message me through PM over leaving a comment. I like to get questions answered quickly so PMing will be the best way. 

NES games cartridges Only 

10 Yard Fight $4

1942 $15

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $10

Adventures of Bayou Billy $5

Adventure Island $10

Astyanax (poor shape)

Athletic World

Bad Street Brawlers $10

Bandai Golf Pebble Beach $5

Balloon Fight $30 each (x2)

Balloon Fight with Manual

Baseball $5

Baseball with Manual $10

Baseball Stars 2 $30 (discolored alittle)

Bases Loaded $3 each (x3)

Batman with Manual $20

Batman $15

Battletoads/Double Dragon $85

Battle Tank $10

Blades of Steel $4

Big Foot with manual $15

Bionic Commando $15

Blaster Master $10

Captain Planet and the Planteers $25

Casino Kid with Manual

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Castlevania II Simon's Quest

Castlevania 1, 2, 3

Circus Caper $15

Clu Clu Land 

Classic Concentration with Manual $15

Contra with Manual $60

Crystal Mines (discolored) $25

Dick Tracy $8

Dig Dug II $10

Double Dragon with manual $20

Double Dragon 2 with manual $15

Double Dragon 1 & II

Double Dragon III (label peeling) $13

Double Dribble $3

Double Dare with Manual $25

Dragon Warrior with manual & maps $40

Dragon Warrior II with Manual $80

Dr. Mario with Manual $15

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde $25

Duck Hunt 

Duck Hunt with Manual $15

Exodus: Journey to the Promise Land $15

Excitebike $6 each (x2)

Family Feud with Manual


Final Fantasy $20

Final Fantasy with manual, map $90

Freedom Force $20 each (x2)

Friday the 13th $15 each (x2)

Gauntlet (black cart variant) $8

Gauntlet II $8

Gold Medal Challenge '92 $12

Golf $3 (3 screw)

Golft $5 (5 screw)

Ghostbusters 1 & II $25

Gilligan's Island $20

Goonies II with manual

Gremlins II with manual $75

Gun Smoke with Manual $50

Guardian Legend $20

Gyromite $6

Gyromite with Manual $18

Holleywood Squares with Manual $20

Hogan's Alley $6

Hoops $4

Image Fight $25

Jeopardy with Manual $10

Joe & Mac

John Elway's Quarterback $3 each (x2)

Joust $12

Karate Kid $10

Kid Icarus $30

Kid Icarus with Manual

Krazy Kreatures $20 (top label damage)

Krusty's Fun House

Kung Fu $10

Kung Fu with Manual $18

Lone Ranger

Lunar Pool with Manual $15

Marble Madness $10

Mario Bros. Arcade $35 each (x2)

Mega Man 3 $25

Metroid $20

Monopoly with manual and poster/chart $15

NES Play Action Football $3

Ninja Gaiden 1 $15 each (x2)

Ninja Gaiden II $15

Nightmare on Elm Street with Manual

Pac-Man (Grey cart)$12

Pac-Man (Grey Cart) with Manual $20

Pac-Man (Tengen Black cart) $10

Pac-Man (Namco) with Manual

Paperboy $15 (x2)

Paperboy with manual $20

Pinball $5

Pinbot with Manual $10

Pinbot (broken/doesn't work) (offer)

Pinball Quest $12

Pro Wrestling $8 each (x2)

Puzznic $20

Rad Racer with manual/3D Glasses

Rad Racer with manual $15

Rad Racer II 

Rambo with Manual $20

RBI Baseball (black cart) $6

RBI Baseball 3 $10

RBI Baseball (grey cart) $15 each

RC Pro Am $5 each (x6)

Renegade $10

Remote Control MTV with Manual $15

Rocket Ranger $5

Robin Hood (label peeling)

Rocket Ranger $6

Rush N Attack $10

Rygar $10

Section Z $8

Sesame Street ABC & 123 (poor shape)

Shadowgate $12

Silent Service $3 (ink out on cart)

Silent Service $4

Simpsons Bart vs. the Space Mutants $10

Simpson's Bart vs. the World $10

Skate or Die $5 each (x2)

Slalom $10

Spiritual Warfare $25

Starship Hector $25


Strider $10

Super C $25 each (x2)

Super Jeopardy with Manual $10

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track Meet $5

Super Mario Bros. 1

Super Mario Bros. 1 with Manual

Super Mario Bros. 2 $20 (label damage)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Left Bros.)

Super Mario Bros. 3 with Manual $25

Super Pitfall with manual $20

Super Off Road $10 each (x2)

T&C Surf Designs $5

T&C Surf Designs 2: Thrilla's Surfari $40

Tecmo Bowl $8 each (x2)

Tecmo Baseball $5

Tecmo Baseball with manual $8

Tecmo Super Bowl $25

Tennis $10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $10 each (x2)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Arcade $20 each (x2)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Arcade $10 (chip on side)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhatten Project $50

Terminator 2: Judgement Day with Manual (will sell cart only) $10

Tetris with Manual

Tetris 2 $10

Tiger Heli $4 

Time Lord with Manual

Top Gun $4 each (x4)

To The Earth $6

Toxic Crusaders $115

Treasure Master $20

WWF Wrestlemania $5 each (x2)

WWF Wrestlemania with Manual $15

Win Lose or Draw with Manual $10

Wild Gunman $40

Wild Gunman with Manual $70

Wheel of Fortune with Manual $10

Vice Project Doom $50

Vindicators $10

Volleyball with Manual 

Xevious $6

Yo Noid! $20 each (x2)

Zanac $20

Zelda with manual and map

Zelda (Gold Cart) $30 each (x2)

Zelda 2 (Gold Cart) $25

Zoda's Revenge $15

Complete/Boxed NES Nintendo Games 

*Please note there are no Mint or Excellent condition boxes in this lot. Boxes & Manuals are in good to poor condition.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer CB (box worn) $30
Captain Skyhawk CB $10
Cleaning Kit CIB or CB (have multiple) $10 each
Double Dragon CIB (Box is worn)
Double Dragon II CIB
Metroid CIB
Qbert CIB $45
Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckeroos CIB $200
Simpson's Bart vs. the World CIB (rental stickers on back of box) $90
Super Pitfall CIB (very good shape) $50
Super C CIB
Tecmo NBA Basketball CIB $25
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CIB $135
Tetris CIB (very good shape) $50
Track & Field CIB
Track & Field CIB (hangtag box) (top is torn a little)
WURM CIB (manual missing cover) $150
Yoshi CIB $40
Zelda CIBM (top tabs missing)
Zelda CIBM (Grey cart variant)
Zelda II CIB (Gold cart) (Box not in good shape)
Captain Skyhawk (box only) $10

NES Nintendo Manuals Only (These are not games) 

(I have more available than listed. )

NES System Manual thin

California Games
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Dragon Warrior
Iron Tank
Mega Man 6 
NES Open Golf
NES Max controller
RBI Baseball
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (missing front and back of cover)
Solar Jetman
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (I have multiple)
Super Mario Bros. 3
Wizards & Warriors 

NES Inserts Only

***I have multiple poster inserts for NES games.

NES Accessories

Ultimate Joystick $15

NES Cleaning Kit CIB or CB $10 each (x2)

NES Original Controller (x8)

NES Advantage Joystick $20

Zapper (Orange) (x2)

Zapper (Grey)

Nintendo Power & Guides

Take all Nintendo Power magazines and books for $250

These are the issues/volumes of Nintendo Power I have. The condition varies but they are all in good to acceptable shape. I will provide photos upon request. These were mailed to an address so an address sticker will be on these. These are all I have at this time so no I don't have any other volume but these.  I am hoping that someone will just buy what I have left here. 

Nintendo Power July/August 1990, May/June 1990, Volumes 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 32, 33, 40, 43, 44, 47, 48, 49
NES Game Passwords $10
Nintendo Greatest Tips (cover has Battletoads on it) $10
Nintendo Power Classified Information $6

Strategy Nintendo NES Books (x3)

SNES Super Nintendo Games

Captain America $25

Jurassic Park complete, box damaged $50

NBA Jam $15

Populous $7

Royal Rumble $12

Space Invaders $10

Super Mario World $20

Tetris 2 $10

Tetris Attack (complete) $50

SNES Super Nintendo Manuals ONLY (This next list is manual only not game)

Batman Returns
Bug's Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Cleaning Kit $2
Earthworm Jim
Mega Man X
Speedy Gonzales
Super Mario Allstars
Super Mario Kart (poor shape)
Super Gameboy
Super Mario World
Turtles IV Turtles in Time (black and white manual)
Wheel of Fortune
Zelda Link to the Past
Zelda Link to the Past (poor shape)
Candyland GBA $3
Paperboy/Rampage GB $8
Tetris GB $10
Nintendo 64 Games
Forsaken 64 $10
John Madden Football 2000

Sega Genesis Games

Alien Storm with box (no manual)
Playstation 2 Games
Final Fantasy X 
Final Fantasy X-2 (no manual)
Playstation 3 Games
Borderlands complete 
XBOX 360 Games
Call of Duty (disc and case only) No manual or artwork
Madden 08 (complete)
Madden 09 (complete)
Madden 12 (no manual) (disc and case with artwork only)
Additional Game Stuff
Cheetahmen II Official Guide and Chip (Make Offer)
Game Cleaning Fluid (cleaning of NES games)
Xbox Game cases only (x2)
Nintendo Wii Game case only 
Playstation Underground leather case (will cost some to ship) $10
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