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Slow Mole for NES


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1 hour ago, darkchylde28 said:

Except those aren't naked, as the cabinet is the equivalent of a cartridge shell

Who stores all of their arcade games in arcade cabs? 😆 As much as I'd love to own even a couple of additional cabs, imagine how much space that would take

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Slow Mole cartridge for Famicom. We're sending a few of these out for review and testing (send me a message if you're a reviewer and like to take part). This is essentially the look of the upcoming limited Famicom release, though we are still testing out different LEDs.

Patrons will get the chance to order first. Another way we are going to distribute these is as rewards on Itch.io, so one way to make sure you get one (besides Patreon) is to make a small donation when downloading there. That will serve as an advance payment and make it easier for us to contact you (Itch.io provides contact info to us for all who are listed as buyers).

Note, that this is the naked PCB version for Famicom. A version in a shell is in the works for NES and possibly a more conventional Famicom version later on. We will of course also offer some kind of warranty (more details later), but with proper ground planes and modern component level ESD-protection, we feel handling this PCB version is perfectly safe, those features aren't commonly found in old Famicom games. This has been designed by a highly experienced engineer according to the highest standards with proper 5V-components.





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