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Best way to sell a full NES collection from Brazil (-Stadium Events)


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Ok, so I have a good friend in Brazil who has a complete cart set of US NES games - no stadium events.

What is the best way for him to sell it all?

There is pretty much no market within Brazil to buy the whole thing, and parting it out there will get much less then parting it out here.

That being said, selling it piece by piece on Ebay (or sending carts to me and having me sell) is basically taking a huge % off.

What should he do to maximize profit and convenience?

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hes pretty much out of luck then, if he doesnt want to just list them individually and ship internationally. He should just sell them to you for a huge discount to where you can sell them and profit, because thats going to be alot of work and time, or he can ship them all to you and you make a commission on the sales for doing all the work. I know the pain and work selling online can be. I wouldnt expect a friend to help out with that for free.


If he wants full value he is going to have to sell them internationally himself. Alot more risk for him since he is in brazil but thats the only way.


If he ever visits you in the US he could lug the collection with him and drop it off here one day

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The hard part is shipping, of course.
If I were him, I would try to find collectors and offer the games to them.

Last year, one of the biggest Brazilian collectors decided to leave the hobby and he managed to sell everything.
I bought a large part of his collection and what we did was to set the price based on the sold listings on ebay and then he would give a discount.
At the end, I saved on shipping, taxes and a bit on games.

He could try and do this.

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