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My World of Nintendo Display Case!


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First topic! I was told by a friend that there was a derelict World of Nintendo (WON) display case sitting in the back of a local store. I was acquaintances with the store owner, so I hit him up and struck a deal! It was pretty beat up, and missing some pieces but I was thrilled.



I went to work carefully taking it apart, and cleaning it.




Looking pretty good, but no lights, shelves, and missing the marquee!



A month or so later I made a deal with a friend and got my hands on an original marquee!



I picked up a fluorescent light fixture that was the same size as the original and wired that up.




I picked up some brackets for the glass shelves, installed everything and it was more or less finished, so I loaded it with crap! Yes, there are non-Nintendo items inside as I don't have the largest collection.



And one more after I decorated the top with some more display items.





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Love the case man ive been after one for a long time. 

On that light where the power cable enters the housing, is the cable protected from the metal? There should be a grommet, or the correct way is with a non-metalic 2 screw 1/2” connector. 

If not and your house isnt properly grounded it can cause a fire. 

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