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Another NA guy checking in 馃榾

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Hey guys! Never posted a welcome thread on NA so why not here聽馃榾. Hope to be more active then I鈥檝e been the last few years on NA , family stuff first we all know that takes a lot of time sometimes all of it , but I鈥檓 glad to be here and to see so many familiar faces and people who I haven鈥檛 seen in years posting on here now.聽
聽聽Thanks to all who created and worked hard to make this place possible for all of us . Every admin/mod on here and from NA , all those years of volunteering your time day after day just for the love of the hobby is greatly appreciated!

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2 minutes ago, guillavoie said:

Johnnyboy found its way on here! I was wondering when you'd join. Nice to see you're here and I wish you'll stick around馃榾

Hey man it鈥檚 been awhile . How are you? Shit I remember we talked for hours when I start up that black box set.聽Last game for that set is coming soon too . Can鈥檛 believe 5 years have gone by this quick! I really miss all the great conversations everyone . This place feels like NA did back when we started up , a warm welcoming place full of great people.聽馃榾

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I cant say I'm well known from NA. But I was saddened by the events of what happened.

I'm Brandon, most knew me as 8bithustler. I am happy to have found a new home among gamers and friends alike. I'm holding down the fort out here in beautiful gold bar wa. Thank you for bringing this back together and hope to be more active.

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