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To new beginnings I guess

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To new beginnings I guess.

Saw this site posted in the shell of NA/SA today when I was trying to access my old account there to see what could be salvaged, if anything.

Loved NA, it was my homepage for years and I liked to lurk and post there as I saw fit. I miss it honestly.

Have not really been collecting for a while now and have been contemplating selling all or some of my collection for a while now. 

Wanted to join just to see how the site is.

Maybe will stick around a bit on and off haha.

Some good looking posts so far.

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5 hours ago, jonebone said:

If you haven't been collecting a while and you're thinking about selling, then prices will pleasantly surprise you at least!

Oh yeah, I have kept up with everything on and off mainly through FB pages I'm in, prices are crazy and that's one reason I've been out of it. Dry area and prices too crazy now 90% of the time, fun is all gone lol.

Nice to see some familiar faces (names) though.


6 hours ago, DoctorEncore said:

Welcome! Whether you keep your collection or sell it all, we'd love to have you around.


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