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SOLD Sega Saturn CIBs, Few Sega CD CIBs


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Large variety here, prices are free shipping in USA (add $15 to Canada), but looking for orders of $60 or more please.  Here's the list!

Title Box Man Cart Extras  Price 
Albert Odyssey Nr Mnt Nr Mnt Nr Mint   280
Andretti Racing Good Good Good   12
Astal VG Nr Mnt Nr Mint   175
Baku Baku Nr Mint EX Mint   65
Command & Conquer Acptble Acptble EX 2 Discs (GDI/NOD) 30
Crow City of Angels VG Good Nr Mnt   100
Dark Savior EX Nr Mnt Nr Mint   120
Dragon Force EX EX Nr Mint   350
Dragon Force EX VG Nr Mint Missing Reg Card 300
Dragon Force VG Nr Mnt Nr Mint   350
Grid Runner Good EX Nr Mnt   30
Heir of Zendor Mint Mint Mint   35
Iron Man X-O Good Acptble Mint   35
Iron Storm Good Nr Mnt EX   125
Mystaria Good Good Good   110
NBA Live 98 Acptble EX Exclnt   12
NFL 97 EX Mint Mint   12
NFL QB Club 97 Good Mint Mint   12
NHL All Star Hockey Acptble Good Acptble   12
Primal Rage VG VG Mint   115
PTO II Good EX Nr Mnt   25
Scud Good EX EX   50
Shanghai Triple Threat Good EX Mint   15
Shinobi Legions VG VG VG   180
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo EX EX EX   200
Tempest 2000 VG Nr Mnt Good   120
Theme Park VG VG Mint   35
Virtua Fighter 2 Good Good Acptble   45
Virtua Fighter Kids Good Nr Mnt VG   45
Virtual On Cyber Troopers Nr Mnt EX Mint   75
World Series Baseball II Good EX EX   12
X-Men Children Atom Acptble Acptble Good   85
Demolition Man (Sega CD) EX Nr Mnt Nr Mnt Foam 150
Dungeon Master II (Sega CD) VG Nr Mnt Nr Mnt   30
Panic! (Sega CD) VG Mint Mint Foam 75
World Cup USA 94 (Sega CD) EX Mint Mint   30




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