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when rental stores super glued carts to prevent theft

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trying to open this zelda 2 and found it was flued down. hit it ever so CAREFULLY... with the hair dryer (i learned you can fuck up a label bad with heat if your not very careful) and was able to pop it open. 

i believe the old wives tale that kids were stealing boards and swapping them with smb/dh, operation wolf, top gun, mick mousc


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One of the reasons that the cartridge companies didn't make batteries easy to change externally was that they didn't want to have to deal with people playing a new game (quickly), substituting a dead battery and claim that it was defective when they brought it back to a retailer.

There was a case several years ago in Colorado where a consumer rented a vhs tape and wanted a refund when it didn't work.  It turned out that the previous user had duped the tape and switched the insides (thereby getting a marginally better copy).  Except they put it in wrong so it would not play. 

The rental store assumed that the most recent renter had done this and charged him with a bunch of trumped up criminal charges - after much legal machinations the renter was able to prove that the previous renter had done this.


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