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tiny toon nes chips


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Looks fine to me.  The CHR and PRG chips vary over time during production, botgod may only have one example.  A board swap is more likely to occur than chips swap, as they are mask roms. If you saw eproms, then yeah fake.  I have limited knowledge, so someone else could correct me or affirm. 

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Member · Posted

I'm pretty sure a lot of nes games, maybe even a majority, had multiple prints based on different PCB layouts, depending on what they had available at the time. 

Just the other day I opened a Rad Gravity because I wanted to check something on a SLROM-006 pcb, but mine was SLROM-004 or something to that extent. 

Bootgod just has a picture with one example, it doesn't mean it matches every game. 

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2 hours ago, Nes Freak said:

thats not a rare game so dont worry about it.  as the other have said eprom are fake for sure.  the only time there not is if the chips are mounted to a nes dev/prototype board which take up the whole cart. or if its a test cart

...or unlicensed... (Color Dreams)

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