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Okay here's the deal, I know nothing about cigars. My brother and dad have asthma, and both my grandfathers did too, so smoking was always a big no-no in my household, growing up. My father would sometimes smoke cigars that his boss would give him and other staff, smuggled in Cubans, but it was maybe twice a year tops, irregularly.

Late last week I received a package from a buddy of mine, and amongst other things were a few cigars. We had been chatting casually one day and the topic came up, and he then sent me these bad boys. I've got another friend here locally who has some cigars, so we are gonna do a "cigar date" sometime in the near future.

I really know nothing about it though, so my question is what's better, to smoke while sipping a fine wine or a fine whiskey? Anything else to recommend for a rookie?


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As VGS's resident scumbag, I can help you out. I smoke a couple of cigars a day.

Most importantly, DON'T INHALE THE SMOKE. Think about how you suck on a straw. You want to close your throat and sip on the cigar and let smoke stay in your mouth, and then blow it out.

Do you have a cutter? If you try to cut off the end with a knife, you'll destroy it. If not, you can make a punch cut with something sharp. Take a few draws and then rest for a bit, then repeat.

I assume you don't have a humidor, but the humidity in Taiwan is in the 60%-80% range, so it won't be a total mess.

Let the ash grow until it falls off naturally. When the cigar is done, just let it go out. Don't crush it like a cigarette.

If you feel lightheaded from the nicotine, a little sugar will help.

As for lighting it, look on YT for a visual guide. Try not to burn the wrapper too much.

Good luck! Maybe the Nub is the best to start with since it's the smallest.

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I don’t smoke cigarettes, or marijuana. But there is one thing I do love to smoke on very rare occasions, and it’s cigars.

Theres nothing quite like sitting at a poker table with a glass of whisky, wearing a nice suit and timepiece, and smoking a fine quality cigar.


Storing your cigars are super important and worthy of their own dedicated research. Maybe go to a local cigar shop for recommendations on a proper humidor.

Cutting a cigar is an art form. You want to just basically remove the very very end of it and nothing more. Anything more than just the tip and you run the risk of it unravelling.

Before lighting your cigar, always moisten it or your lips well so it doesn’t stick to your lip. You can destroy the cigar if it sticks and peels open.

When lighting it, singe the rim a little, and then fully light it while rotating it and make sure the that it is fully lit, then take a few small puffs and your cigar is ready to enjoy.

When smoking it, Like @Daniel_Doyce said, you don’t inhale the smoke, you savor it and taste it. And don’t ash it like a cigarette, just let the ash tip fall off on its own as a nice like chunk.


A cigar should lasts me about a hour or more...smaller ones a bit less. It’s not something to have a quick smoke with, but rather a consumable accessory of sorts and will be with you for a while.

I also don’t recommend you smoke them every day. They’re fine pieces of craftsmanship meant to be enjoyed, not habitually consumed 😉 though I think @Daniel_Doyce disagrees.

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Homebrew Team · Posted

I'd recommend a nice whiskey (or whisky if you prefer scotch... which most cigar smokers do, by association of the smokiness/peat flavor).  I find that beer or wine does not go very well with cigars, as the flavor of the cigar dulls most of the pleasant flavors associated with them.

Also, when lighting - use either a spill, a match -AFTER- the head has fully burned off, or a torch lighter (though try to be very quick/use sparingly).

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