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loopie on the hunt

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Back with some more pawn shop hauls!

Paid US$38 for this lot, which I’m really happy about:FB43A01D-E7B2-4865-BA6C-0C6A0FB09864.jpeg.5230c842cba3aff5929e378fd5c42c3c.jpeg

Then I snagged some $5 games at another shop:


paid up a bit for these next ones but I’ve been looking for that Castlevania collection (flipping one of the Tales games to recoup some cost):


Finally, I happened to be near an EB Games (Gamestop) and scored on some 3DS titles!! Paid between 50 cents and $7 for each title. Super pumped about Nano Assault — now if only I could find a case!!


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