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FS ~ NES M82 Kiosk Demo Unit NTSC ~(SOLD)~

Nes Freak

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this item has been sold!


Fully refurbished and IRQ modded on all 12 slots so all mmc3 mapper based games will work (super mario 3  mega man 2 and up etc)  with new high quality power supply.  region free. RBG Leds too with controller!  and capacitor hot fix for slot 9 through 12 to fix graphical issues (not all m82s have this fix)   please note:  if you notice any screws missing that cause i had just gotten it back together when i took the picture and hadn't finished putting the screws in place. 

in nearly perfect condition!  please check all pictures and video!  only some minor scratches but over all premium collectors quality and thoroughly tested!  the only issue  (which isnt a big deal in my opinion)  is the original switch that control's the timer (0:30 3. 6. and 128. minutes) no longer works  the one in the pictures is a new place holder.  its not an exact model but can be wired up and used if you want to. it looks like the one nintendo used  but when the switch isnt connected to the motherboard it auto defaults to 128 minutes of play time.

the issue is isolated to the switch its self, not the motherboard. (original switch and cable connector is included) 

if you decide to purchase you can choose the games you want on my list in the listing pictures below.  this lot comes with 12 games of your choice!  Only 12 can be chosen so chose wisely! and only one of each game no doubles. example: 2 metroids.

check listing pictures to see selection.

the region free and led mod is reversible  and is not permanent.  the irq mod is also reversible but will require some basic soldering skills to remove.

cost is 4999

Shipping will be 150

it will be professionally packed and includes full insurance via usps and signature requirement to protect your investment!   i also offer local pick up at my store front! 


video demonstration and picture below








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