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nes homebrewer says hi!

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I'm Ellen, or preferably known as FrankenGraphics in homebrew circles. I make new NES games; not least together with excellent programmers such as toggle switch/Donny Phillips and Nathan Tolbert. 

In the rest of my spare time i jam in a band, watch roller derby (former rookie dropout), listen to new wave music, reads a lot of sci fi. 

I work with product and experience development, not least in the interactive or graphical department. Sometimes for public museums, sometimes for private enterprise. I also grow and sell hardy perennials. 

Currently active on KS with the new NES game Project Blue,

-development: done
-funding: done (still live!)
-quality control & difficulty fine tuning: active
-manufacture: pending 

If you wanna connect with me on IG or Twitter, my handle is @frankenGraphics


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Thanks, everybody! What a warm welcome! 

ice man, here's a gif to illustrate the increased fidelity we were able to do when we could finally change mapper from the compo-approved CNROM to BNROM/GTROM

Structurally, the level map format of the nesdev compo demo was:
-256 tiles,
-256 metatiles,
-256 meta-metatiles across a total of 64 screens per map. Just one map. 

The full version has
-256 tiles (with some optimizations removing letters for more graphics),
-256 metatiles,
-and a whopping 1024 meta-metatiles, across the same number of screens/rooms, increasing both level design fidelity and graphical detail. 

I think the # of palette animation sequences and maybe also the # of screen palettes per map was increased at this point in time, not least allowing for streaming water and light/dark room effects in the 3rd zone. 

The game supports 12 maps, which is divided across the three modes 4 for normal, 4 for hard, and 4 for custom. 

Normal and hard alters the difficulty by having changes done to a copy of the same room. Boss fights and several screens are heavily remixed. On other screens, we might have changed a platform, obstacle, or an enemy position or made a heart tricker to get to, and so on. 

the custom 4 maps are patchable by the user via a level editing tool for the pc we'll provide freely. 



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