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Majora's Mask (N64) Retail Variant Question

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This is for North American NTSC carts.  I often see two different retail versions of Majora's Mask - One with a lenticular ("holographic") sticker and one with a normal sticker...My question for N64 experts - What box does each come in?  I know the lenticular sticker came in the "Collector's Edition" box originally because I still have my original one I bought from Best Buy in April 2000...I thought the "normal" sticker variant came with the box that didn't have the little grey "Collector's Edition" box on the front, but when I look at them on eBay, like half of the Collector's Edition boxes come with the non-lenticular sticker...Maybe there is a way to tell with variant codes (USA-1 carts?)?  Or maybe I'm missing something else? I'm hoping someone can re-create this table, but make it accurate...and not just me guessing:

Collector's Edition Box: Lenticular or Non-Lenticular
Non-Collector's Edition Box: Non-Lenticular

Lenticular Sticker: Always Collector's Edition Box
Non-Lenticular Sticker: Could be Collector's Edition or Non-Collector's edition Box

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I'm pretty sure the Collector's Edition box is supposed to strictly come with the Lenticular label and not with the Non-Lenticular label. I took a look at about ~50 auctions on ebay and only found one with the CE box and Non-Lenticular cart. 1 out of 50 could easily have been a frankensteined CIB. Are you sure you are looking close enough at the cart? Sometimes it's hard to tell until you look at a close up.

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