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Snow! Winter Is Here!


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Remind me, where do you live?!

Here in the North Carolina foothills, we've had a warm-spell come through a couple days ago because we're having about 2-3 days of rain.  I think the high is going to be in the mid-70s. But, just a straight-shot 50-75 miles away into the mountains, they are expecting snow tonight.  Weather is weird around here, yall.

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13 minutes ago, arch_8ngel said:

We are hitting 80 today in coastal VA.  (though the front edge of that cold weather is hitting at midnight at dropping us to 40, or so, for tomorrow morning!)

Same front I'm experiencing, I assume.  80 does sound nice, so long as it's not to muggy.

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No snow, but it's really friggin cold out, well cold for Austin. I'm not used to it, never was even when I lived in colder states, well maybe a little more than now, but while it can and has gotten below freezing here, only a few days out of the whole year... tomorrow it'll probably be in the 80s (I didn't check the forecast, but weather is crazy kind make up its mind sorta deal here). I hate the cold, it makes me shiver and it hurts. Only time since I been living here (over 6 and a half years now) that I ever seen snow was December 7th 2017, that night a very fine sliver of snow that was already melted come early morning.

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Events Team · Posted
13 hours ago, SuperJimtendo said:

Still snow on the ground today which is rare anymore in Colorado. I love the show. Took my boy out sledding yesterday for a little while. Nothing better than a snow day. Give me blizzards any day 

Ha! I knew it!

You risked your life and the life of your kid to go outside?! For shame!

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