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Hello Again from The Land of The Morning Calm

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Hello again everyone!

My name is Jesse, and I spent a lot of time reading and occasionally posting on Nintendo Age's Brewery section. I sometimes peeked into the other topics, but rarely posted. I've always had a huge appreciate for Nintendo's 8-bit games, and collected both NES and Famicom games, but these days I'm just completely enamored by new games on old platforms.

Living in Korea, there really isn't a lot of retro-gaming (a couple little spots here and there), so being a part of a great community online like this is just what I'm in for! I'm looking forward to seeing how VGS grows and evolves over time, and am glad to be a part it!

Here are a couple quick shots I took of my collection. I have a lot more back in Canada, but it's always fun to share nonetheless!

IMG_20191031_114203_1.thumb.jpg.a4fd8dd15049c2509cf4f7bc095b213e.jpg   IMG_20191031_130753.thumb.jpg.946f76775e6821e3604dec2661a7865b.jpg

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