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[FS] JP Sega Saturn Bulk Slash plus other oddities for picky collectors


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Hello all

Pictures are here --> https://photos.app.goo.gl/0QhWlms7hyswGpTJ3 <--

I'm selling those JP Saturn titles. Some are quoted as "rare", please understand that they are oddities in the JP Saturn catalog, that not many people may be aware of their existence, and are quite hard to find for sale as I experienced for the past 10 years of collecting on the system.

Items are located in France. Shipping in Europe will be as reasonable as possible, shipping overseas at cost. Paypal payment prefered.
Lot prices are possible, and I offer free gifts for your order at the end of the list.

Finally this is my wanted JP Sega Saturn list under spoiler. Some titles may be rare and expensive, I am a serious buyer of them.


T-19716G    Ruriiro no Yuki
T-32101G    Sankyo Fever Jikki Simulation S
T-13307G    Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story I
T-13311G    Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II
T-13313G    Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III

T-30810G    Shutsudou! Mini-skirt Police
T-14317G    Denpa Shounenteki Game 2
T-8128G      Scorcher


* [b]T-14310G Bulk Slash, spine card[/b]
Good condition. Manual leaflet is stuck to the CD case as on almost every copy of this title.

* [b]T-13305G Dragon Ball Z Idainaru[/b]
New, blister. Good condition

* [b]T-6607G Madou Monogatari, spine card[/b]
Good condition

* [b]T-32101G Sankyo Fever Jikki Simulation S[/b]
[i]Oddity : [/i]standard version with code T-32101G. 
Rarer than "limited" edition with code T-32102G and some promo cards, found everywhere.

* [b]T-10318G Choro Q Park Satakore[/b]
[i]Oddity : [/i]Satakore version, code T-10318G. 
Rarer than regular version T-10314G. I offer the copy w/o manual for the purchase of the copy w/ manual.

* [b]T-21204G Kuro no Danshou ~The Literary Fragment~[/b]
[i]Oddity : [/i] Standard version in single CD case, code T-21204G. Rarer than "limited" T-21203G version with double CD case, found everywhere.

* [b]T-14404G My Best Friend version standard[/b]
[i]Oddity : [/i] This game exists in 2 versions : 
  * 1st run : spine card has the text : "First run limited edition! Including Megumi Hagiwara character card", comes with megumi card.
  * standard : spine card has the --saucy-- text : "I'll let you have a look ...in your room!". Standard version is rarer.
Unlike other titles with 2 editions, codes for both editions of My Best Friend are the same : T-14404G. So only the spine card will let you know which version you have.
The spine card of this copy was protected with adhesive tape, which aged badly. I put it in another, cleaner, transparent PVC wrap. It is not in good shape but it is here, and the rarer one.

* [b]GS-7107 Dennou Senki Virtual-On for SegaNet Media Card Pack[/b]
[i]Oddity : [/i]Limited version of the SegaNet version of Virtual-On (are you with me ?)
This Limited version was sold with the regular SegaNet Virtual-On game code GS-7106, no spine card, but packed in a cardboard box code GS-7107, which makes it the Limited version.
The cardboard box of this copy is in quite good shape.

* [b]Guide Princess Quest[/b]
Japanese, good shape.
[b]5€, or gift with other purchase[/b]

* [b]Grandia Art CD[/b]
Good shape
[b]5€, or gift with other purchase[/b]

* [b]Figurine Gundam RX79-BD[/b]
Complete, build it yourself, good shape.
[b]5€, or gift with other purchase[/b]

* [b]Whole bunch of Gundam Games[/b]
Side Story I, II, III, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gihren no Yabou. Some are new sealed, wome with spine card, some without.
[b]5€ each, or gift with other purchase[/b]

Thanks for reading

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