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Original Nintendo Gameboy Strategy Guide List

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Another list for you to peruse.... think I've found a decent way to get cover pictures up so I will be working through these (and all the others) over the next few months.... enjoy!   And please, add anything you deem relevant to this list in a comment.  I will never say any list is truly complete as it always seems that another one eventually surfaces.

All Inclusive List
Name Publisher and/or Author Comments Cover
101 Game Boy Secrets Revealed Munson & Shinoda    
Batman Forever GamePro    
Blockbuster Secret Codes 2000 Brady    
Castlevania McCrary    
Game Boy Nintendo Power    
Game Boy Camera Nintendo Power    
Game Boy Games Guide Brady    
Game Boy Pocket Power Guide Prima    
Game Boy Secrets v1 PSOTG    
Game Boy Secrets v2 PSOTG    
Game Boy Game Secrets 1999 Ed Prima    
Game Boy Game Secrets 2001 Ed Prima    
Game Boy Secret Codes v1 Brady    
Game Boy Secret Codes v2 Brady    
Game Boy Secret Codes v3 Brady    
Game Player's Encyclopedia of GB Games Signal Research / Game Player's    
Game Player's Encyclopedia of GB Games vol 2 Signal Research / Game Player's    
Game Player's Encyclopedia of GB Games vol 3 Signal Research / Game Player's    
How to Win at Game Boy Games Jeff Rovin    
Jurassic Park Ocean    
Judge Dredd Brady    
Mega Man, The Official Guide to Compute Books (Schwartz)    
Mercenary Force Meldac    
Mortal Kombat Cyber Quest    
Mortal Kombat, Action Strategies for PL Book    
Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide GamePro    
Mortal Kombat, Video Games Presents a Look at Video Games    
Mortal Kombat II: Official Fighter's Companion Midway    
Mortal Kombat II: Official Player's Guide Infotainment    
Pokemon - Red, Yellow, Blue Versus    
Pokemon - Red, Yellow, Blue Nintendo Power    
Pokemon Official Player's Guide Nintendo Power    
Pokemon - Blue cover Prima    
Pokemon - Red cover Prima    
Pokemon - Yellow cover Prima    
Pokemon - Yellow (EB Cover Variant) Prima    
Pokemon (Punch Out Stickers Cover Variant) Prima    
Pokemon Guide book, Ultimate Unofficial Game Shark    
Pokemon Trainer's Survival Guide Sandwich Islands    
Pokemon Trainer's Guide Sandwich Islands    
Primal Rage GamePro    
Super Game Boy Nintendo Power    
Top Secret Passwords Nintendo Power    
Turok 2 Acclaim    
Ultimate Hint Book Ultimate Game Club    
Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo GB Strategies Bantam    
Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo GB Strategies (2nd Ed.) Bantam    
Ultra Secrets of Game Boy Games Godin    
Winner's Guide to Nintendo Consumer Reports    
WWF Attitude Acclaim    
Vidiot Boy's Guide to Passcodes and Secrets Vidiot Boy Productions    
Vidiot Boy's Guide to Legend of Zelda Series Vidiot Boy Productions    
Zelda Link's Awakening Prima    
Zelda Link's Awakening Nintendo Power    
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On 7/23/2021 at 12:23 PM, jafariman said:

I have a copy of the Vidiot Boy's Guide to Legend of Zelda Series. I'm looking to sell it but can't find one anywhere online. Anyone have an idea of what it could be worth?

$200+ is a good starting point.  It's pretty hard to find and comes from a popular franchise

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