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BEST PS3 Games of All Time

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My favorite PS3 game is Boku no NatsuYasumi 3 Summer Holidays Whether Japanese or North American, this game is just about being a kid and going to a relative's in the country for summ

PS3 exclusives, or just anything that exists on PS3? I got most of my games of that generation for the X360, but my PS3 got some usage still. There's no doubt what the best one is, though.

Infamous and Infamous 2 are both fantastic action games with awesome combat, platforming and a branching story with moral choices and different outcomes. I wish they would support this franchise more,

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On 2/15/2021 at 6:08 PM, DoctorEncore said:

I'll throw in a vote for the Uncharted trilogy, specifically the first one. Other than that, I think it's definitely the most forgettable PlayStation generation.

It's crazy to think that the PS3 is the worst selling PlayStation home console, despite still being in the top 5 best selling home consoles of all time.  

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I can't even think of many PS3 console exclusives outside of the ones mentioned. I'm looking at my PS3 games and most of them are HD collections of PS2 games and the ones that aren't are multiplatform games like Bioshock 1-3, Dark Souls, Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls 4. But if no one has mentioned them yet, I'll chime in with God of War 3 and all the Ratchet and Clank games especially a Crack in Time. Not my favorite games of either franchise but still very solid entries. PS3 was overall a disappointment IMO but had some great multiplatform games. 

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Administrator · Posted

A few standouts for me that I don't think I see mentioned yet. Not necessarily Exclusives, but frankly who cares, just cuz a game is multi platform doesn't mean it's not worth owning on PS3. Plenty of good games were multi plat. 

  • Killzone 2
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Caladrius Blaze
  • Resonance of Fate
  • Sly Cooper Thieves in Time 
  • Vanquish
  • Resistance 1&2 (3 sucked) 
  • MAG
  • Fat Princess
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