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Korean Wii disc quality crap?


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My other Korean games are sealed, so can anyone with an early 1st party Korean Wii game confirm that the case quality is crap? Rough edges, flimsy, just not the same as Japanese cases.


Also, the discs look like crap too. Doesn't even have a visible IFPI printed. Colours and details not good. But the manuals look OK, so I think Nintendo just didn't care much about quality for these variants and probably had them made in China or in Korea for as cheap as possible. Would be great to see your disc photos for comparison. It's also possible the disc and covers are pirate but why bother for these cheap games?



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I deleted the photos, but I believe Wii Fit Plus was legit, just low quality manufacturing like I said above. I still have two sealed copies of Wii Fit (not Plus); maybe I will open one for a more detailed analysis.

The photos of both boxes are >> HERE << .

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