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Does this Pocky & Rocky 2 look suspicious to anyone else?

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I meant to post this before the auction ended.
It is obviously a reseal, but the box doesn't look right to me.
The UPC on the back bar code is wrong. The pictures, on the back are different. The colors don't look right. The box has the seam at the top instead of the bottom like every SNES game Ive ever had and the black is cracked at the folds?





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1 hour ago, Jayleonis said:

How can you mess up the pictures on the box. Crazy

A lot of reproductions have subtle differences like this on purpose I think.  They probably just had it in their possession (possibly being fooled themselves). 

They then bought actual legit 90s stickers from here:


and here:


And then stuck them on their box to try to make it look more legit.

Apparently, this low effort stuff works.


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8 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

Could you imagine being so invested in a hobby that you would spend $2000 on a single item while simultaneously being so lazy/incompetent that you don't even do the most basic amount of research beforehand? I cannot.

I think this sums up my thoughts on the matter precisely.

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