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Happy birthday thread!!!! From Jeeves, drxandy and the pup from outer space!!!!


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21 hours ago, Jeevan said:

Happy Birthday @LeatherRebel5150.  May u spend your day playin n64 🤣

I know I've been slacking there. I've had little time recently trying to move up in my job lately. Work 10hrs then come home and spend all night trying to teach myself some various applications hoping to get a particular position Im after. Hopefully I'll at least know in the next month or so if it pays off.

20 hours ago, spacepup said:

Have a good one @LeatherRebel5150 !  Enjoy the day / weekend.  Happy birthday!


17 hours ago, drxandy said:

@LeatherRebel5150happy birthday dood!!!

Excited Happy Birthday GIF

Thanks everyone, and you guys will appreciate this, my girlfriend made me a mario cake


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Events Team · Posted
1 hour ago, Webhead123 said:

I know I shouldn't be admitting to it but...yeah, it's my b-day today as well. I knew it was 'cause I could feel it walking up the stairs this morning.

Wrong Turn Oops GIF

Had you had it on there before I would have already have said this, but;

Happy Birthday Girls GIF

Enjoy your day today buddy!!!!

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