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Oh the Humanity Thread (stupid things people do)


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So I was waiting to cross the street to head into the post office. An Asian woman approached me, middle aged bat. Looked a bit off, she then asks me in decent English if I spoke Chinese.

I looked at her again and thought to myself that I really didn't want to talk with this woman, I just really weird vibes. So I told her that I don't talk to people who aren't wearing a mask (it's still a requirement here by law, and at least in the city centre most abide by the rule in one way or another.

She then got pissed off and told me to fuck myself, before she went into the bank.

Very strange incident.

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1 hour ago, Tanooki said:

That is strange, not sure I would have used the asinine mask mandates at this reason to shut someone down.  Probably wanted something free from you looking at the attitude.

The situation is really different here right now than in the States, I'd imagine, they're even forcing schools to go back online again.

But yeah, at the current moment, here no mask is sort of like not washing your hands after using the public restroom...some people do it, but it's collectively frowned upon majorly and is in the very very minority, at least in my area. So I wasn't about to be hassled, especially when she seemed off, as I mentioned.


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Hmm ok, I guess that makes sense.  Taiwan was first ahead of the curve until those dickless chimps at the WHO lapped up the CCP threats and ignored the warnings back in 2019, and since they isolated themselves their own way, everything ended up being delayed by a good year plus on being screwed by the bug.  So you're like 12-18mo ago from the US on the whole, neck deep in the overly paranoid bs going on with a slow roll out of the vaccine.

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There is no such thing as a free lunch.




I showed my GM this article and told her the story of what a dumb ass promo GrubHub came up with. Her response was literally "Fuck that, I would just close. Seriously, fuck that!"

We don't use 3rd party services. And thank goodness for that. On a night where we did over 20 grand in sales, it's unfathomable to try and squeeze that many online orders into the middle of the dinner rush and maintain any semblance of quality. The grill is only so big after all.


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6 hours ago, Tulpa said:

Yeah, that makes no sense. Usually you do free promotions to boost slow periods. Why on earth would you pile on during a rush period? I guess someone had to meet a quarterly goal or something.

My understanding is that all the delivery apps are struggling at the moment. The promotion was a way to get people to dust off their account and remember how convenient it is now that the pandemic is winding down. This was such a huge failure all the way around. In so many cases the customer gets no food after waiting hours, so they are pissed at Grubhub. The restaurant sees no revenue from dozens of orders not picked up and are forced to eat the food and labor cost of making that many meals, so they are pissed at grubhub. The drivers are having to deal with restaurants that are completely overwhelmed and food is taking forever, so they aren't making tips and are pissed at Grubhub.

I wonder how many won't use grubhub ever again after this...

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