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1997 Zelda 64 discovered and leaked


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I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, apologies if there is a different thread. Massive portion of the date for the 1997 version of Zelda 64 has been discovered inside of an F-Zero X prototype. One of my biggest wishes has been fulfilled after 24 years of waiting. It is BEYOND surreal to see these areas in motion.

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9 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

I thought this was found long ago in the Nintendo data leak.

This is all completely different than the Gigaleak. Basically the main thing found in the Gigaleak was the dungeon with the tongue statues (and the old Kokiri Forest). Most of what is in this video has never been seen by anybody until this last week. Look at the Hyrule Field for instance. Nobody has ever seen that version of Hyrule Field before, and it is MASSIVE! The original inside of the Deku Tree is 100% different and contains the beta windows screenshot. The horseback archery field that we only saw in super grainy screenshots. The original graveyard. The Lake Hylia with the beta building....none of this was in the Gigaleak from last year. The areas are all MASSIVE compared to the final game

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