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HACK*MATCH for the NES by Zachtronics on IndieGoGo


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One of my favorite PC developers Zachtronics ported a minigame from EXAPUNKS to the NES. It just launched on IndieGoGo (already with 36 backers meeting 99% of the goal) and a physical edition is available. The game is similar to a Tetris Attack with different controls. I figured some people here would be interested so, here's a copy of the newsletter I received.


HACK*MATCH for the NES is coming soon!

A few years ago we ported the solitaire minigame from SHENZHEN I/O to MS-DOS and sold floppy disks with the game and its source code. It was a surprising success!

Not long after the release of EXAPUNKS in 2018 we started working on an NES port of HACK*MATCH, the game's hacking-themed action puzzle minigame. Little did we realize it would take us two years to complete and involve writing our own C compiler for the 6502. But now we're done and we want to share it with you!

Pre-purchase HACK*MATCH for the NES on IndieGoGo!


Since the game is already finished, the only real purpose of this campaign is to take orders for physical cartridges. You'll get a custom cartridge and a matching box, along with a ROM file and the source code for the game. The NES version of HACK*MATCH is very similar to the original minigame version, but also includes a new two-player versus mode that is a lot of fun.

You'll also get the source code for the C compiler we wrote to compile the game, which is written in C#, targets the NES, and only supports the subset of C that we ended up using. No float support here! You probably shouldn't expect to use the compiler for your own projects, although there's nothing to stop you from doing so.

I've basically just pasted all this text from the IndieGoGo website, but you might as well click on over and watch the gameplay footage at the top of the page. It's hard to film an old CRT television but it definitely captures some of the charm!

Pre-purchase HACK*MATCH for the NES on IndieGoGo!

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