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Price Check: 100% Complete licensed US Game Boy, cartridge only set. +95% of all carts in excellent to mint condition.


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Obviously I'm well aware of PriceCharting and GVN and that GVN gives values for complete loose sets, based off of their metrics.  However, I also know that with complete sets being sold in bulk, that's not the best price.

My collection is 100% complete for the licensed set, plus I have probably about 75% of all US cartridge variations, including many of the much rarer and expensive ones.  I care about condition in general.  Most I can't stand label wear or dents and dings in the plastic.  I think I might have only 1, possibly 2 carts in my main set that have label wear.  There are some impressions (imagine someone had a piece of paper over the top and wrote on it) on some carts and you will likely find stickers on the backs of some (because that's easy to clean off) and probably 10-15 of them have Sharpie on the back-side (which is easy to replace if you're not offended by that behavior.  I wasn't when I started collecting.)

The big question is, am I looking to sell?  Well, maybe but probably not and if I do, I want to move the whole lot.  Regardless, I'd like a ball park value of the set primarily for insurance.  Regardless, if anyone out there is ballin and has wanted to pick up this set, shoot me an offer.  If it's more generous than I'm expect, then I might take you up on your offer.  Again, I'm not looking to make a quick sale.  This set was a labor of love, and it still is in regards to variant collecting and hunting.  However, you 

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If we go off of the GVN evaluation of a complete loose set, it is showing $9,550 or so. 


I'd probably say to insure for around $10,000, give or take for your variants as well.... 


If you were to sell, I would imagine the offers will come in around $7000-8000.  And likely closer to $7,000 as a bulk sale for the whole set.    

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GVN and VGPC are a pretty good measure for loose carts, and an okay measure for the “average” CIB in “average” condition.

GVN doesn’t count NIV Bible, King James Bible, Spiritual Warfare, Joshua, and Exodus. It also doesn’t count the players choice stuff.

You can safely tack on another $500 just for those alone.


So $9500 + $500 is a safe $10,000. Add in your variants, depending on how many you have I bet you can add another $1000 so $11,000.

The best you’ll get in a bulk lot in a short amount of time is about $7500 I think.

Of course the opposite can be true and you can get *more* if the right buyer is looking right now.

Im about to jump in the Game Boy train myself starting from the top and work my way down...just gotta get a couple more NES lots before I’m ready. But I’m going CIB w/ inserts.



P.S. I’d pay some money for scans of rare labels and photos of circuit boards (front & back) since I want to throw this info all in a guide.

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