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*UPDATED WITH LIST* Interest Check / FO: 500+ NES manuals


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I finished the loose NES - SE cart only set a few years back and decided to go for a full Cart+Manual set of licensed NTSC games.  There’s something really nostalgic for me about pulling out the actual paper manual when you pop in a cart you’ve never played... I’m somewhere between 550-600 manuals currently.  Mostly good condition.  All alphabetized and in 3 ring binders.

That said, my wife and I bought a new house and I would really like to free up some funds to put towards some renovations.  If there is enough interest in the lot as a whole (and the price is right), I’m looking to move these manuals to a new home. 

Im working on a full list now and hope to have it up soon.  Feel free to message me with any questions in the meantime.







NES Manuals List.xlsx

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37 minutes ago, Strikezone1 said:

Wow, these 3-sleeve photo plastic pages for storing NES manuals is pure genius! I will definitely be looking into doing this.

Thanks for the great idea, and best of luck with selling!

@Strikezone1 they make 4-sleeve pages too. 


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