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Found!: Spiderman 32x box(will pay $500 for) or cib


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Hello everyone, some of you might be sick of me and my pursuit of this collection. For that I do apologize. But, the show must go on!

I currently have cib of this game but the box had been originally cut to fit in a clam shell. While it looks good it does bother me that its not nice like my others 

so im going to bump and hope that someday someone might be able to help me out by selling or trading for a better box or even trading my copy for another plus cash and/or trades

below are some of the items im willing to trade for

1) Hagane snes cart

2). Mega man x1-3 snes carts

3) chrono trigger snes cart

4) ogre battle snes cart

5) sculptor’s cut n64 cart

6) mega man game gear cart

7) mk3 game gear cart and manual 

*8) my spiderman 32x cib for upgraded cib plus trade and/or cash

I can mix and max cash with trade options as well

thanks for looking guys!

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  • The title was changed to WTB/WTTF: Spiderman 32x box(will pay $500 for) or cib
  • The title was changed to Found!: Spiderman 32x box(will pay $500 for) or cib
On 2/5/2021 at 12:33 PM, Matthewnimmo said:

Im hoping the guy i made the deal with (super kind of him) will join our great ranks here in vgs. He is definitely vgs material. Ill be posting up a pic of this in my collection stories i have on another thread under finders keepers


thanks again everyone!

Everyone @benjam138has decided to join us!  Both @DoctorEncoreand i can testify that working with Ben has been fantastic!  He helped us tremendously find our harder to find items. I look forward to other items he has to sell when he gets them ready!

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