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When did Gamestop start carrying "New" NES Games? (Homebrews/Hacks/Something)

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Just saw this for the first time today


It looks like Gamestop is selling "NEW" NES games. I haven't looked in their retro section for a while so this might have been known but it's not something Ive seen. I have not heard of any of these I don't think either. I wonder where they are getting them from and the quality of construction.

Edit: Looks like some SNES and Genesis games too

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Congrats to Mega Cat! Those are all their titles I see at a quick glance.

I pitched Game Stop on being a part of Convention Quest and they asked how much the whole thing would cost at one point, insinuating they wanted to be the sole sponsor and selling it in stores was talked about for a minute. Those were exciting times!

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These were on sale for $10 off each on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  Thought about grabbing some but ended up splurging on a desk chair for my home office instead!  No regrets but once I found them I keep thinking a out getting them.  I di have tons of $$ in Gamestop rewards points....

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