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Making digital backups of VHS / Video 8 camcorder tapes


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Anyone have experience with digitally transferring VHS / Video 8 tapes from camcorders? My Sony Handycam has a Composite mono video output. What kind of device can I use to capture the footage? Just a capture card like an elgato? Same principles as recording game footage? If so, what is the best capture device? Should I upscale to HDMI first? Obtaining the best capture possible is important. I only want to do this once and do it right, since i have about 35 tapes to get through.. Thank you all.

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  • The title was changed to Making digital backups of VHS / Video 8 camcorder tapes

I just converted all of our old Christmas VHS tapes for my parents.  Since I had an Elgato HD60 S (I bought for my kids interest in making their own YouTube videos, that lasted about three hours lol), I just bought a $10 composite to HDMI converter box and used it to hook the VCR right into the Elgato.  The result turned out pretty good.  I still need a way to play a HI8 tape that has my wedding on it so I can get that converted.  We've never even seen that video.

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