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WTB Sega Genesis Games and Accessories


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Sega Genesis games and accessories wanted. Loose only please. Boxes and manuals not needed. Condition needs to be Excellent/Very Good. Please see the picture below as an example. 

Payment via PayPal. The values listed are what I am wanting to pay, shipping (to Oklahoma) included. 

I also have a very nice copy of Demon's Crest for SNES available in trade. Let me know if that is of interest and I can send pictures.


Example of game condition wanted:




Alisia Dragoon ($40)
Championship Pro-Am ($5)
DJ Boy ($10)
Ecco the Dolphin ($5)
Ecco: The Tides of Time ($5)
Ghostbusters ($40)
Mystical Fighter ($40)
Shadowrun ($30)
Street Fighter II Champion Edition ($10)
Tecmo Super Bowl ($5)
Wonder Boy in Monster World ($30)

3 button controller with red numbers ($10)
6 button MK-1470 turbo controller ($15)

Sega branded controller extension ($5)
*Would buy a matched pair also

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