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Bible on GBA (prototype)

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I bought this GBA prototype back in September.  It was listed as "The Bible," and I assumed it was The Bible Game (official US GBA release). Turns out this is actually an unreleased (as far as I can tell) "game" that is a full Bible text.  It's not quite finalized because the bookmark feature doesn't seem to work.  I was able to find online that this was slated for a 2006 release, but I haven't seen any cartridges to prove that a release actually happened.  I found a stock photo of UK box art and a release date that is probably incorrect (planned but not executed). If you find anything on this, please let me know, thanks :)





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I don't have any info on this, but it's really cool! It reminds be of around 2006 when we had PDAs (personal digital assistants) that had apps like this. It was new to have a small device with the Bible and calendar/organizing software before smart phones. My PDA was actually the first thing I used WiFi on!

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Member · Posted

That's really neat to see and I definitely would have wanted to pick it up myself.  Crave also used the WEB version, which was a new translation started around 2000 or so.  It was intended to be a collaborative, continual translation.  The idea being, scholars would agree on translations and over time as older texts were found, minor variations and such that could affect little details would be integrated into the translation.  I had a professor, I think, who was part of the project.

Anyway, since it was a collaborative scholar-based translation it was 100% free use. So, Crave went with the cheapest option. This could have been an easy piece of software to churn out since no licensing would have been required.  I'm to lazy to look up a time table but was the GBA mostly-dead in 2006/7, and killed by the DS?

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Graphics Team · Posted

This is really neat!

I'm shocked that the copyright-screen says "Licensed by Nintendo" considering they've always shied away from releasing any religiously-affiliated software in the West. Do you think Crave Entertainment actually secured that license or was the text put there prematurely (since this is a prototype, after all)?


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Sorry for the necrobump. I already commented on this over on Instagram. Putting it out there again, if you ever decide to sell this, keep me in mind. 

My theory is this was an exploratory project to try making something functional on a GBA cart and they decided to make a simple Bible app to try it. Probably never intended to be released to the public. I imagine it could have been something they built while they were working on The Bible Game. My guess as to why it says Licensed by Nintendo is someone just put that text there to mimic how it would look for a licensed game. Anyway, this is just my theory. No idea how it would have gotten into the secondhand market. 

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1 hour ago, coffeewithmrsaturn said:


I'm sorry to tell you this, and it's very weird timing, but I actually just sold this today for a strong offer.  Who are you on instagram?


Out of curiosity I'd love to hear what it sold for, but if you don't want to tell me that's fine too! 

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