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Blizzard-Activision & BlizzCon


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Anyone here go to BlizzCon?

It's pretty amazing how Blizzard used to be universally loved (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo) and is now basically as hated as EA. 


As the kotaku article explains

1)People have short term memory and their anger over the horrible mistreatment of Blitzchung and other issues may fade, depending on how "good" the upcoming games are.

2)Blizzard is run by Activision, so it's hardly Blizzard AND Activision - case in point, 800 employees fired by "management" (which clearly do not know how to manage things).

Anyway, curious what people think. My stance is definitely in the FU Activision - I will not support them, which honestly makes me sad, since the Diablo II remake might be phenomenal... BUT. yeah, I hope Activision burns and Blizzard can get their soul back.

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I am definitely not a fan of the company. Besides StarCraft 2, I can't name a single Activision-Blizzard game I'm interested in and I find Call of Duty incredibly mundane. Maybe they have some smaller projects I would enjoy, but an uninteresting release lineup coupled with their money grab ethos does not make me a fan.

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Diablo is one of my all time favorite game franchises (second only to Legend of Zelda) so I'm always in on new iterations of that series. past that, couldn't care less what Blizzard does. with or without Activision.

was really interested to see what happened this year after the mobile Diablo fiasco from last year.

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