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Beat every N64 game - 2021 - 192/303

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Quest 64 complete. Really enjoyed it overall. Navigation took a while to get used to, especially in Cull Hazard. The insane encounter rate made me escape more battles than I normally do during RP

Well well well, look who's finally dealt up some goods... Me. @OptOut. Shadowgate 64 is done! I found myself pretty underwhelmed by the time I finished this, to be honest. I WAS ha

I finally beat Hexen! This took surprisingly long as each of the five levels is absolutely massive and often has intertwined sublevels. Also, you have to search out levers that are often well hidden.

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Btw guys, I'm playing Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs ATM!

I'm actually really digging this game, it's like a 3D vehicle combat game with strategy elements bolted on to it, and it's surprisingly deep and complex for an N64 game.

It's also got a great atmosphere and theme, you're fighting skirmishes with the Soviets on various Moons and Planets around the solar system, I would have absolutely LOVED this shit growing up, I've always been into solar system stuff!

I'll keep going and let you know how my thoughts evolve...

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Battlezone Rise of the Black Dogs is complete!


As I just said above, I really like this game, just great overall atmosphere and it's really something different. It's basically like playing and RTS like Command and Conquer, but you're one of the units!

So anyway, I finished the American campaign, as per the requirements of the thread, but I'm absolutely going back for more, there's two more campaigns to do, so yeah I'm no where near ready to drop this one yet! 🙂

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On 6/11/2021 at 4:45 PM, LeatherRebel5150 said:

Im surprised you didn’t like it. I remember really enjoying this one a few years ago when I played it

I feel like I definitely should have liked it more than I did. I appreciate that they tried to make some changes to the Cruis'n USA formula so that it wasn't just Cruis'n USA: Off Road Edition, but I never really felt like I was in control and getting through some of the races seemed to take more luck than skill. Overall, I just found it more frustrating than fun. Maybe I'm just getting a bit burned-out on N64 racers and need to play some other types of games for a bit🤷‍♂️

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