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What makes a collection display really wow you?

What makes a collection display wow you?  

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  1. 1. In a place like this, where walls of games are the norm and thE love of complete sets still runs strong, what elements of a collection display make them stand out from all the others?

    • Cool Lighting
    • Nice Shelving
    • Unique Organization
    • Figures and Assorted Knicknacks
    • Sheer Volume
    • Big Stuff: Arcade Cabs, Kiosks, Pinball
    • Obscure/Rare Items
    • Other
    • Signs and Displays

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I enjoy most just seeing collections that are unique or different in some way.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the clean, beautiful, well organized huge collections are certainly very nice and a great ac

It really depends. For example, I hate when I see people stack console boxes. But when I see people collect console box variations and have a multitude of them it looks like a store presentation

I’ll echo @RegularGuyGamer Instagram collections don’t do it for me. Scooping every game at your local thrift store just to stack your shelves for the camera is weak.  I prefer a tight, thou

I definitely prefer seeing unique collections as well. That's why I enjoy pirates, and homebrew, and stuff like that. I consider it like a spice on food. Even collecting for obscure systems is something I love. Everyone that just goes after the generic popular sets, then throws then on IKEA shelves, yeah it's a snoozefest to me.

Similarly, I actually like cluttered collections, but only to some extent. I see it sort of like a cluttered desk, just enough makes it look interesting and makes me what to explore every nook and cranny of your collection. 

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I think I've been jaded by how many collections I've seen over the years, both rise and fall.

I chose organization overall. I think it was the late Jobber who had his game room set up more or less like a rental store. I think that type of attention to detail makes the collection stand out. Twiz comes to mind as well with his various collection displays over the years.

Also, I feel like putting constraints on a collection makes it more appealing as well. If someone collects everything without focus, the collection reflects that. Full sets as constraints explain why there's filler titles in the collection as well.

I'm also more impressed by quality over quantity. Don't get me wrong, a wall of CIB NES games impresses the hell out of me but 1000 PS2 / 360 / Wii filler titles kind of makes me roll my eyes. Even a large wall of NES cart only games that are more or less filler doesn't do it for me, it just comes off trying to fit the aesthetic of a collection.

Collections that highlight childhood favorites, specific genres, specific regions, and other niche aspects of gaming make a person's collection into their collection. A collection should be a reflection of the collector and I'm always impressed by collections that show the uniqueness of the collector, rather than just a wall of games.

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I’ll echo @RegularGuyGamer

Instagram collections don’t do it for me. Scooping every game at your local thrift store just to stack your shelves for the camera is weak. 

I prefer a tight, thoughtfully curated collection of classic/fun/rare titles.

I’m also a fan of advertising pieces—kiosks, signs, posters, banners, standees, etc. These items are legitimately hard to find.

Some of these display items take years to find. Whereas 90% of games can be had with an eBay account and a wallet.

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