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Hi, looking to get back into actually gaming

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Hi, my name is Mike, formerly Punch-out!!84 on NA. The new name matches my PSN ID. 

 I used to game a lot, but then I got married and had a few kids. I want to get back into gaming. I’ve got a huge backlog of NES and SNES games. Problem is, I’m rusty since I’ve been playing modern games on and off the past several years.

I’m happy to take any tips on playing old games as they just seem much harder to me now. Thanks!

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Oh god tell me about it. I used to be great at NES/SNES games as a kid...now they kick my ass! I guess age and lack of practice? But I look at some of these games I played as a kid and go..."How the actual fuck did I ever play these as a kid and not go into rage mode?". I mean the old saying is "practice makes perfect" so I guess get a lot of practice in? Only tip I have...lol.

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Homebrew Team · Posted
Just now, ICrappedMyPants said:

I’d like to start with platformers on the NES , maybe the Castlevania series.

Castlevania III is very big game, has multiple Characters, branching paths, and graphics wise the best looking.  It is balls hard.

Hot take: Castlevania I is better. I just have more fun playing it.

Other than Castlevania, I'd suggest DuckTales, BuckyO Hare, Mega Man 2, and Felix the Cat.

If you want to get into Homebrew platformers: Nebs N Debs and Project Blue (which is on Kickstarter right now).

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1 hour ago, ICrappedMyPants said:

I think the last time I tried it a few months ago I got to Death and just couldn’t get past him. Then I finally gave up.

Holy Water can cheese him. Just pump it onto the platform where he appears.

Otherwise, the boomerang works well. Work the Axe Knights in the hallway to get the triple shot. In Death's chamber, throw three in the air towards his platform, then get to the opposite one. Dodge his scythes and keep the boomerangs going in a steady rhythm so that he's constantly getting hit and you'll get him.

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