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The Return of Post Office Woes


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My mom posted me some presents for Christmas, she posted them on a Saturday (November 28) via priority mail. USPS tracking said they arrived in Taiwan the next Friday, December 4th. Since then, nothing.

Yesterday I inquired at the local post office. Their system does not show the parcel arriving in Taiwan, and furthermore, they called up customs, which checked and said the package hadn't passed through yet. They said the USPS tracking was incorrect, or just an estimate.

My mother then calls the USPS, which says that the tracking is correct, and that the package is somewhere in Taiwan. Now my mother is talking about filing claims, feels frustrated, etc.

Thoughts? From my side, I think it's Christmas season, and with covid-19, the parcel hasn't arrived yet. But my mother definitely isn't buying that, and believes it got lost over here.

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