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Deck the shelves with videogame holiday decor?

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Since moving into our new place a few years ago, I've been decorating my shelves for Christmas. Nothing too crazy, just pulling out the Christmas themed games I have a my Mario Christmas cards, Pepsi Advert and walk hangings. 


Anyone else do something similar? Or have collect video game themed Christmas items?

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6 hours ago, Hammerfestus said:

Very cool.  Are those window clings?  If so I definitely need that.

Unfortunately they're not window clings. The red on all of them is fuzzy and for some reason they're completely double sided 




You're supposed to pop them out of the paper but being fuzzy and double sided just doesn't make it seem like that's a real viable option 


So I decided to leave them in the backing for now. Maybe next year I'll pop them out and hang them around the game room. The couch is coming at the end of January so slowly my basement is starting to come together. I do think it's cool that they match the Christmas cards and are officially licensed merch


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1 hour ago, DoctorEncore said:

Looks great and this is a fantastic idea. My holiday themed game collecting begins now.

As long as you keep your expectations low, the holiday games won't disappoint you lol

The 8Bit Xmas games got me going and since then I hold onto the holiday themed games and display them around Christmas. They not rare, or desirable, outside of maybe Christmas Nights into Dreams. 

There is definitely more halloween themed games 😅

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Just now, AirVillain said:

Love the Mario jumping with string lights poster thing. What are they? Printed Christmas Sheets/posters?? It says they're "flocked pieces"? Printed BOTH sides? 🤔

Sounds awesome. 

Yep they're printed on both sides, the one side has velvet on all the red bits. There are a couple different sets of these and there are even some window cling ones with Mario as Santa.

I love this era of Mario stuff, when Mario madness was in full effect. 

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