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Hi there,

I'm a french toys collector since 1995. I'm 40 old right now.

I used to collect retro gaming video games but decided few years ago to keep only my childhood favorite video games though.

I love seeing shop displays or store merchandising especially Nintendo ones.

I have a 1990 (to my mind) Store display with Santa Claus Mario advertising GAME & WATCH and Gameboy video games. Where can I put some pictures ? Maybe you could help me finding more informations on it.





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Member · Posted

You can create a new post in the "Collectors" forum and just say something like "My Game Boy/Game & Watch Collection" and just post your photos.

We're all pretty big nerds about something specific, so I'm sure quite a few of us will enjoy seeing your collection and hearing how you acquired your pieces.

Feel free to check in from time to time and join other discussions.  We talk about everything game-related on here, and about a bunch of other stuff too!

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