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The Ultra 64 Project


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I hope it's OK to post this here (not sure where else). I recently redrew the Ultra 64 logo, which I posted about here: 

I did this for fun (I'm a graphic designer/illustrator, so it's fun for me 🙂), but I've also been thinking about making Ultra 64 badges for the N64 console and perhaps a label for the EverDrive-64 cart.

Those projects are a bit complex though, and either way, I thought it would be cool to at least design a poster now that I have a finished logo--which made me think of Redbubble. Would anyone else be interested in Ultra 64 stuff? I've already created some, but for now they're listed as private as I want to check on the quality before I potentially make them public.

Let me know.

By the way, in the above thread I have attached an EverDrive-64 background image if anyone wants one. 


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I'm aware that this project is probably not too interesting to 99.99% of the people browsing this forum, but for that 0.01% that might be interested, I'll continue to update this thread. 😉

I ordered a t-shirt from Redbubble with the Ultra 64 logo on it and I'm not super happy with the result. As you can see in the attached image, the print quality is just OK. The edges are a bit blurry and the outline on ULTRA doesn't look good. The blur on the oval shape is not too nice either. The colors are quite nice though.

I might scrap this product and see if the other items I ordered turned out better. An alternative is to sharpen the blur and remove the outline. That might work.


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I've tweaked the shirt design by decreasing the blur effect a little, removing the outline on ULTRA and fattening up TM just by a tiny amount. It's available on Redbubble for anyone interested.

I got the poster today and the quality is quite good. The paper is glossy and thicker than I expected. Too bad about the white borders but what can you do.  The colors are a bit off which I didn't realize until I saw it in print. That's taken care off now.

Edit: I forgot to add a link: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Mumphy64/shop?asc=u


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