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My desk is my favorite place in my game room I live in. I have just stayed up late yesterday to add '4:3' T.V.!!


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My desk is favorite area in my room which is also my game room now though I extended it into the storage area for extra space. Its too bad anything all major systems passed PS3 / Xbox 360 have no way to adjust screen size any longer unless I'm wrong about that. I like to play Skyrim, I found 'Philips FlatTV' 4:3 I had it stored and last night I got it back in use on my desk!


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58 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

I saw this on YYC Video Game Collectors this morning.

It was me I'm a big fan of YYC Video Game Collectors, been a member since around its start. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and was up late around the 4am time. About to try out Skyrim I never knew how to update my PS3, when I created my PSN it was automatic. Nice that you mentioned that group and seen its often frequented by me!!

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