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Hi, y'all!

I've been getting back into NES gaming recently, and NES development as well! Figured I'd go ahead and create an account here and join the community. 🙂

I dipped my toes into the NES dev waters with a NES rom that my daughter and I worked on together for her science fair project, Brew-Off!



I've got a retroUSB AVS coming soon and I'm looking into getting back into all my old NES carts from when I was a wee squirt. Looking forward to playing a bunch of games with my kids and maybe getting further into NES development, too.

Pleasure meeting you all!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, y'all. 😄

I started listening to the Assembly Line podcast a few days ago and was a bit saddened about the NA thing, but here we are!

I'm waiting until Christmas to give the AVS a spin and I'm SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED to play some of my old games on it. Feels like crossing days off on the calendar for the original NES back when I was a kid! Bionic Commando for sure, then a bunch of stuff on the retroUSB PowerPak since I don't have the funds or space for a proper collection. Will probably swing for some of the homebrew games soon -- Battle Kid 2 looks pretty dang fun!

In the meantime, I'm gonna be clocking some time on Disgaea 5 and Slay the Spire on the Switch. Both give me all sorts of ideas for making games. 🙂

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