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My SNES misprints


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1 hour ago, DoctorEncore said:

Were there a significant number of SSFII carts produced like that? Or is it some kind of strange proto cart?

There are a few of these out there I have heard of people buying them new and also know that they ended up in a Mexican SNES bundle.

So as an uneducated guess I think they were first sold then the factory took the remaining ones and bundled it with the console, Instead of destroying them once the error was found out about

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35 minutes ago, bowser said:

I don't get it though. How is the Street Fighter different from taking a Japanese board and putting it inside an聽NA shell?

Technically there's no difference because that's what it is, but the main reason why I count it as an error and not a board swap is because of thisspacer.png

Coupled with the reports of people buying the cart new leads me to believe that it's not just some random person swapping boards

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