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eBay Now Verifying Authenticity Of Some Items

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We need this for video games.

eBay Authenticity Guarantee program

The eBay Authenticity Guarantee program was rolled out in eBay US for Luxury Watch categories in September. With this program, sellers listing luxury watches priced at $2,000 and above must first have these watches authenticated by an eBay authentication partner before that watch can be shipped to the buyer. 

To support this program, the ‘Get Orders’ operations in Fulfillment and Trading APIs were updated. These API calls now return a flag that indicates an Authenticity Guarantee program order, as well as response fields that provide more details on the status of the authentication test results. Another API-related change is that the shipping address for Authenticity Guarantee program order shows the address of the eBay authentication partner, and not of the buyer’s shipping address. The seller ships the item to the authenticator, and if successfully authenticated, the eBay authentication partner ships the item to the buyer. See the following eBay help page for more details.

The Order API and the Browse API on the Buy side will also be updated to return Authenticity Guarantee program-related fields for applicable orders and listings.

For more information about the Authenticity Guarantee program, see the eBay Authenticity Guarantee page.

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I agree.  I think the WATA/VGA leeches fill this need for the community to a certain extent for higher-end items; and even they make errors. 

The bootleg pokemon games, fake copies of $100-400 NES games, and anything below a certain dollar amount (like $2K listed above) probably won't ever be authenticated by ebay though.  The knowledge and overhead involved wouldn't be worth it.  But hey, ebay, if you're reading this I'll take a paycheck to do this! Lol

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19 hours ago, nrslam said:

Just another fee sellers will have to pay. Frankly, you'd have to be stupid to spend $2K+ on something as widely counterfeited as a watch on a site as sketchy as ebay.

Idk there are some.pretty reputable sellers on ebay of watches and other luxury items. 

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